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  1. Paul Pomilla

    Hi Kristin (& Evan),
    It was great seeing you guys last week!
    I enjoyed our food & health discussion very much. The True Food Resturaunt was great!
    Since speaking to you…I’ve made 2 batches of Almond Milk. I may begin my next batch today. I did order Nut Bags & I’m sure it will make the straining process much easier than using cheese cloth. How much Vanilla extract & other additives, such as honey, do you add to your 2 cup Almond batch?
    From your Facebook page…I read about the warm lemon water. As I’m writing you now I’m drinking Green Tea with freshly squeezed lemon & some honey. On a side note…after visiting the Phoenix Botanical Garden I bought Mesquite Honey at my local Trader Joe’s when I was shopping the other day. Back to the warm water & lemon…what recipe do you prefer & what are your thoughts about having it with Green Tea?
    Have a great day! Paul

    1. Kristin Post author

      It was great seeing you too Paul! I’m glad you like True Food – that is one of our favorite restaurants!!
      I’m excited to hear that the almond milk is going good! Ha, yes I believe the nut milk bags will work much better for you!
      As far as adding extracts and sweeteners, I usually do it by taste. Vanilla extract goes a long way – so a teaspoon is probably all you need! I’m not sure honey will dissolve that great in the milk, actually I haven’t tried it. I have tried adding a couple of dates during the blending process or stevia.
      I’ve found it helpful to actually leave the milk plain. This way I can use it for any recipe that calls for milk or cream (i.e. soup)! And usually my smoothies have fruit or my Chocolate protein powder so I usually don’t feel the need to sweeten it in addition.

    2. Kristin Post author

      I’ve heard that Green Tea has amazing benefits!! It contains catechins which are antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. Green tea is not processed much before it is poured in your cup, so it is rich in catechins. It’s also good for cholesterol, brain health, blood sugar, blood pressure, and it has a calming effect! I’ve also read that you shouldn’t add green tea to boiling water because you’ll destroy the catechins. 160-170 degree water was recommended instead.
      Add lemon is also a great idea because the Vitamin C makes the healthy compounds in green tea easier to absorb. Dairy, on the other hand, makes it harder to absorb the catechins.

      Sometimes in the morning I feel like having just hot lemon water or sometimes I really want a tea flavor. I just go with my mood!

      As for the lemon water, I would just go by taste. Sometimes when I make the “hot lemonade” I’ll add just a drop or of stevia or more recently I’ve been trying just a few drops of Blueberry Flavor Extract!! You can find this product on Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Planet! Type Blueberry Flavor Extract in the search!! Actually there are lots of flavors available such as banana, coconut, coffee, white chocolate etc!! These are great for recipes!!
      I hope you find this helpful!!


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