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Bust the Flu Juice!!

My husband and I are starting off the New Year with the tail end of the flu. But not to worry! We are going to bust it with a flu buster juice that I discovered in an organic cafe in Seattle called Chaco Canyon.

Evan Chaco Canyon Flu Buster           Chaco Canyon

I knew the ingredient list of: apples, oranges, lemon, garlic, ginger, and cayenne pepper based on the menu at the restaurant. So I experimented with the amounts and inputted my new recipe into my MacGourmet App.


I gathered what I had from the refrigerator and started juicing! Please note the first time I made this I did use 2 apples, but only had 1 available today!

IMG_6975             Flu buster

Normally I drink juices cold, but the restaurant serves this one warm. My husband suggested adding a little bit of hot water!



The juice was a success! It tasted delicious and I know it will help finish off this flu!

The fruits and herbs used in this recipe have a great deal of benefits! Here’s a list of just some of these benefits that make them helpful for busting the flu:

  • Apple: detoxifying, Vitamin C, B-complex
  • Orange: Vitamin C, potassium (electrolyte mineral)
  • Lemon: detoxifying, Vitamin C, maintain pH levels in the body
  • Ginger: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Garlic: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting
  • Cayenne: blood purifier